How to Choose the Color of Your Logo

Thinking of creating a logo for your personal brand, small business or website?

Choosing the color of your logo does not have to be so complicated. It is the first thing you see in each design. In this article, we will explain the meaning of colors and their application for logos. In this way you can better express the feelings you want to convey to your target audience.

Color has the mission to reflect benefits of the product in addition to the corporate personality. Below, I’ll provide some facts about each color so you can choose to create or refresh your logo:


It represents strength, it is the color of passions. It means Action, Love, vitality, energy, courage, strength, life, courage and vigor. It can be associated with warmth, passion and daring. Other people may consider it an aggressive color, pleasure.

Red is one of the most powerful colors you can use. In color psychology, the color red is associated with action and emotion.

Here are some examples of red logos:


The yellow color conveys happiness, joy, optimism, light, motivation. Because the color yellow represents the sun, it is a color full of energy, joy and happiness, it also represents creativity and intelligence. It is used in logos to capture attention and generate warmth.

Here are some examples of yellow logos.


It is a cold color that symbolizes calm, confidence, wisdom, cold, water, the sea. It is the color most used in logo design for the security it transmits. It is very suitable for cleaning products, technology, although it is also related to the fishing sector and what comes from the sea.

These are logos of famous brands that wear blue.


Orange is more subtle and cozy. Create a comfortable and homey atmosphere. It represents attraction, enthusiasm, happiness, success, creativity and determination: orange. It can be commonly found in logos that want to represent fun or stimulate emotions and even appetites. It is very suitable for promoting food products and toys

Examples of recognizable orange logos:


It is the preferred color to choose when designing logos for companies that sell natural products or offer medical services.

Green combines freshness and nature with sport and a healthy lifestyle. You can communicate both serenity and active decision making. Represents harmony and simplicity.

Nature, youth, refreshing, hope, fertility … We associate it with both freedom and health, it makes us feel safe and it relaxes us, although in a more informal way than blue.

This is how green is used in international logos:

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