What is the Brand Awareness? How to build your own

Brand Awareness is the concept used to measure the importance of a brand. It works as an indicator of how long a company stays in the minds of its potential customers, between mayor the knowledge, mayor will be sales.

Elements of brand awareness


They are the emotional characteristics that define the values, attributes and personality of your company so that they form a unique identity and generate a unique emotional response to consumers, this is a very important factor because it helps to differentiate your brand from the rest, and how you want to be remembered.


There are different types of web advertising such as: Web pages and SEO positioning, Social networks, google adwords and PPC, they are the most powerful tools to make a presence, you can search for new customers, partners, employees and gain confidence. You definitely want to include a social media strategy to do your digital marketing and start getting leads!


It is very important to keep social networks alive, constantly updating to generate your online presence, creating content of interest and reinforcing your brand with graphic designs, illustrations, infographics, images and animations that introduce your audience to topics of interest.

Creating a blog is an excellent tactic to generate traffic on your website. Treating topics related to your business and that interest your audience, generates more engagement towards your brand, by the way you communicate. Remember that Google rewards original and quality content, ranking them above others, just as people like to read new things on a daily basis.

Promotions and contests on social networks

Keep your audience hooked and attract new followers by announcing contests that interest people. For example, a discount on your products or services, it may interest you and they will start to follow you for the reward they can get.

Another example would be to compete for a specific product, and if they recommend you they have more opportunities to win.

In short, the strategy is based on making the most of social networks intelligently, not giving up and knowing that it is a long race to go. Be constant and creative, always generate posts and promote your content. It will bring you lots of benefits!